Biosecurity Solutions

  • HealthGate(TM)
  • Wall Mounted Thermometers
  • Hand Sanitizer Dispensers
  • Soap Dispenser and Outdoor Sinks
  • Acrylic Screens
  • Social Distance Signage
  • Disinfection Foggers and Electrostatic Devices

At Biova, we know the importance of your company’s image and branding. Which is why on all our HealthGate, thermometer and dispenser stations, we offer free customization.

Through our parent company Welfor Medical Limited, we install and maintain professional thermometry devices and high quality hand sanitizer dispensers.


Biova has pioneered the concept of the HealthGate™. HealthGate™ is trusted by the largest industries in Trinidad and Tobago to provide reliable devices and exceptional biosecurity services.

Acrylic Screens

Acrylic Screens Professionally installed, standard and customized acrylic screen separators for the prevention of communicable disease spread in the workplace.

Professional Thermometry

Our IR K7 device is our flagship device and is by far the most accurate and reliable device available on the market. The K7 Pro allows for thermometry regulated access control for buildings, including RFID access. We also provide facial recognition and digital mask identification for building biosecurity in our ever expanding solutions list.

Automatic and Manual Hand Sanitizer Dispensers

Biova also provides automatic and manual hand sanitizer dispensers which are provided with Cariri reviewed, locally regulated “AllClear™” Hand Sanitizer. We install, maintain and provide service agreements for all our dispensers. Biova also provides outdoor sinks and soap dispensers for both indoor and outdoor applications.

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Our solutions can restart your business and keep it running during these times and beyond.